Swim fast, Swim free

Swim fast, Swim free

We put our swimsuits to the test with three amazing swimmers, collecting their thoughts on fit, quality, and performance. It was a special experience, especially since one of the swimmers was part of my very first feedback group when I was starting Ama Sport. Back then, I organized focus groups with swimmers to find out what makes the perfect swimsuit. They highlighted fit, high-quality materials, and colours as key elements. Our swimsuits were designed based on their feedback. 

During this latest shoot, we had a blast trying out our swimsuits and gathering more feedback.  It was great to see them in action and to share this fun experience with such talented and enthusiastic swimmers.

Our swimsuits are engineered for maximum comfort, so you can stay in the zone without distraction. You can dive in, move freely, and swim your heart out!

Photographer: Louise Damsgaard
Models: Laura, Signe and Kaja







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